Avoid Your Past

This game is my submission for Mini Jam 111: Colors²

Your goal is to maximise your score. May it be by collecting coins (10 points for each) or activating paints (3 points for a orange one, 1 point for a pink one).

Your enemy is your past self – every time you pick a coin, a memory of your movement appears. You have to avoid those memories to stay alive. 

Orange and pink paint drops result with a temporary effect. Orange paint makes coins disappear, so you cannot pick them. The pink one makes your past selves disappear, making you invulnerable.


  • arrows – change player's movement direction
  • enter – pause and open menu

The game was made with PICO-8.


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Cool concept. I enjoyed it. Loved the music.

thanks 😄

Really cool little game there. Nice music scored 128

nice score! Thanks for playing 🙂

Extremely polished! Love it! I reached 100 points XD!

hi! And thanks for playing! 😀

very fun game, however i dare you to beat my score of 100,

Thanks! 100 is good 🙂

dang, I got 97 lol

104! Bam :D I'm a bit competitive sometimes lol 

Very nice little Game! 



Very fun game, at a certain point I was just being random with my movements because of how hectic it was. lol.


thanks for playing! 😀