You have 60 seconds. Rescue as many chickens as possible by catching them and putting into the nest.

Beware, there is a side effect of catching too many chickens at once: you move slower and at some point you might even overheat (and let loose all of the already caught chickens).


  • CLICK ON THE GAME AREA FIRST, otherwise input won't get registered
  • keyboard left and right arrows
  • or A and D
  • or  gamepad DPad
  • or gamepad sticks


Some features that I wanted to implement, but didn't manage before jam's deadline:

  • touch controls in a mobile web version (have them working in another repo, but need to port it here yet)
  • basic animations like chickens falling down from the robot in result of overheating
  • fancy animations like visual feedack about score being incremented
  • music!
  • and many, menu more…  🙂


Source code:

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